Morehouse Parish

National Percentile Ranks - Grades 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9

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    Six years of national percentile rank (NPR) data for students assessed in grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 are presented. The NPR is the average student’s rank or position compared with a representative nationwide group of students (national norm group) in the same grade. The NPRs range from 1 to 99 and have a median of 50. At the school-level, a NPR of 48 means that 48 percent of the students nationally (in the norm group and in the same grade) scored at or below the average score obtained by the students in the school.
    Important Note
    • National percentile ranks for 2004-05 are based on The Iowa Tests Composite Scores. Starting in 2005-06, these NPR data are based on the norm-referenced survey total from the i LEAP tests.
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Grade Level2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13
LA - State of Louisiana
Grade 35250505251~
Grade 55354535355~
Grade 64751505151~
Grade 74948525251~
Grade 9525853~~~
034 - Morehouse Parish
Grade 34238364140~
Grade 54646464544~
Grade 64453474741~
Grade 74344504748~
Grade 9566050~~~