State of Louisiana

Student Dropout

Percent and Number of Students Who Dropped Out of School
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    The student dropout indicator results by grade level, showing the number and percent of students who have dropped out of school for grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 and for grades 9-12 are presented. Data are presented by school site code for all schools in the district whose grade structure includes grade 7 or higher. District and state numbers and percents are offered for comparison purposes, with these results calculated for the same grade levels and for grades 9-12.
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Grade Level2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13
LA - State of Louisiana
Grade 71.37381.58081.1584<1.0379<1.0468<1.0529
Grade 82.61,4322.91,6452.21,2321.91,0002.11,1451.91,028
Grade 98.34,9317.64,5585.53,2294.82,9415.53,2225.02,948
Grade 106.23,1076.02,8734.01,9203.61,7674.52,2644.62,281
Grade 116.12,6665.62,4294.01,6633.41,4423.81,6894.21,898
Grade 126.92,8765.52,3034.51,8924.51,8474.51,9094.92,119
Grades 7 - 125.215,7504.814,6163.510,5203.19,3763.510,6973.510,803
Grades 9 - 127.013,5806.312,1634.68,7044.17,9974.79,0844.79,246