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Growth Labels

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    A Growth Label describes the level of growth achieved by a school and is based on the school’s success in attaining its Growth Target. The Growth Label that a school receives also determines if the school is potentially eligible for monetary rewards.
    Important Notes
    • Growth Labels were redefined in 2006-07.
    • Schools that did not meet their Growth Targets, but had certain high SPSs, could avoid being assigned a Growth Label with a negative connotation. In this Table, schools are reported as No Growth Label when a school’s new Baseline SPS was 120 or more.
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Growth Label2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13
LA - State of Louisiana
No Growth Label Assigned5.9653.2402.5333.346~~~~
Exemplary Academic Growth13.014428.535217.923511.9164~~~~
Recognized Academic Growth13.214615.118715.220010.9150~~~~
Minimal Academic Growth32.335834.242238.750841.0564~~~~
No Growth16.218011.213811.114614.8204~~~~
School in Decline19.52177.89614.619218.0247~~~~
All Categories (Growth Label)100.01,110100.01,235100.01,314100.01,375~~~~