State of Louisiana

Summary Data

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    Summary data includes a student population information and enrollment in Free and Reduced Lunch programs.
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LA - State of Louisiana
Number of Schools1,4711,4821,4861,4781,467~
Number of Faculty54,50655,33055,72554,858~52,405
Number of Students≥681,030≥684,870≥690,910≥696,550≥709,470≥712,340
Number Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch≥430,400≥444,700≥454,550≥461,400≥475,940≥472,770
Percent Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch63.264.965.866.267.166.4
Percent of Male51.
Percent of Female48.948.848.848.848.748.8
Percent of White49.248.848.547.847.546.9
Percent of Black46.
Percent of American Indian<1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0
Percent of Asian1.
Percent of Hispanic2.
Percent of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander~~~<1.0<1.0<1.0
Percent of Multiple Races~~~
Percent of LEP1.
Percent of Non LEP98.398.
Percent of Special Education12.6~~~~~
Percent of Gifted/Talented3.4~~~~~
Percent of Regular Education84.0~~~~~